Technological innovation involves much complexity, even when consciously restrained. Creative tools are a fundamental aspect of modern life and should be widely available. New disciplines and capabilities are always being introduced; relief from the expectation that any technique is personally inaccessible is a fundamental motivation.


With sustained exponential increase in the presence of digital tools, software is more important than ever. The only way to ensure your specific personal needs are met is via control of your devices. Literacy in the language of the future is strongly encouraged. Physical devices which interpret this language are everywhere, though adjustability is not guaranteed. Open Source has provided immense value to us and asks only for our participation in return.


Creation of digital and analog systems which interpret software is more accessible than ever. Affordable catalogs of modular components, speaking well-documented and well-supported protocols with Open Source software and documentation, in addition to published work from thousands of enthusiasts, have revolutionized customization and creation in a very short period of time. Prototyping and mass production of intelligent hardware is now accessible to anyone.


Design for clarity and legibility is crucial for communicating clearly. Though distant in technique, virtual three-dimensional experiences and film photography are examples of technologies that will continue to share importance in storytelling.


Durable materials which are neither easy to manipulate nor fail; these are at the forefront of high-performance creativity, but present many challenges in technique. Fortunately decades of experience have been passed down and iterated upon to allow personal-scale creation with steel, aluminum and exotics to thrive.


Pre-dating man-made synthetics by millennia, the venerable tree is still a fundamental part of our creative process. Accessible and maleable with simple hand tools, capable of exhibiting high-quality finish and undeniably ingrained in the human aesthetic. It will continue to be relevant for a long time.


Continually evolving in complexity, increasingly employing proprietary techniques, yet interacted with by millions of people with a frequency few tools can tout&emdash; understanding the automobile is a fundamental necessity for daily life. Technologies like the bicycle, with even longer histories, are becoming increasingly viable in favor of their simplicity. We have a responsibility to ourselves, as users of these tools, to personally understand, maintain and improve them.


Practical chemistry is ubiquitous enough we take it for granted, so most "experiments" tend to be unintended reactions of well-documented results. Living food continues to show surprising results for our health and many techniques are within our grasp. Genetics is still one of the most prohibitive disciplines to practice on a personal scale, though small-scale tooling continues to progress.


Often reliant on trained experts to innovate food to benefit our health, enjoyment and security, eating is one of the few activities we all participate in. Everyone has a personal connection and can contribute creatively in this medium.


A staple of everyday human life with a disproportionate ratio of personal innovation to consumption. Clothing and soft goods are intimately familiar to all of us and deserve an increased level of accessibility and innovation.


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