Born from the rippin' hot summers of Southern California. An in-progress experiment in clothing production.

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Repair Robot Repair

A simple evolutionary simulation with stimulating graphic scenery. Experiment with spawn configurations and attempt to create a self-sustaining population. Evolutionary aspects create an unknown class of future races. Available for Windows x64 [0].


Instagram VR

Check into a virtual gallery of your Instagram feed. Optimized for both desktop and mobile systems with minimum hardware requirements. Source code[3] for the VR-compatible fade effect is also available.

  1. a10k_instagram_alpha_64.exe

Twitch Chat Emote Keyboard

Highly specialized USB HID for committed chatspam participants. Custom white PCB and quintessential Cherry Blue key switches. CNC machined aluminum base with KappaPride purple anodizing.

  1. a10k_Twitch_ChatEmote_KB_press_release.jpg

a10k Service Directory

Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley creative supplier and service directory.


Off Road Lego®

Sophisticated emulations of modern off road racing suspension configurations and body styles, in "minifig scale" vehicles. Sets include all required parts and full color instructions.

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Baywatch Skateboard

An iconic beachgoing silhouette reinterpreted for the streets. High performance components compliment it's graphic aesthetic. Partial build process on Instagram [0][1][2].


Newsprint Art

Big prints for any wall. With an extremely low production cost, everyone can afford to enjoy many interpretations of color and scale.

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Black Friday Death Count

Arguably a bit morbid, but definitely a popular destination for those who want the facts. With views in the millions consecutively since 2013 on Thanksgiving week alone, this microsite does pretty well for itself on social media and in SEO. ADWEEK[1] and Business Insider[2] have published moderately interesting articles about it, too.



Branding and software to support the next big adventure brand. A custom, responsive ecommerce and publishing platform, representing multiple facets of the brand, and ready to grow in any direction the future may hold. banner[1] advertising[2], too.

  2. ktm_usm_ad.html
  3. c_clamps_ad.html


  1. $api = new RestClient([
  2. 'base_url' => "",
  3. 'format' => "json",
  4. 'headers' => ['Authorization' => 'Bearer '.OAUTH_BEARER]
  5. ]);
  6. $result = $api->get("search/tweets", ['q' => "#php"]);
  7. if($result->info->http_code == 200)
  8. var_dump($result->decode_response());

A full-featured universal REST API client written in PHP. You wont find yourself hacking on this library to integrate a new API: it already supports everything you need.



A placeholder image generator that brightens your day. It even generated the image you see here[1] – meta! Also used in an experiment[2] to generate press-ready artwork with CSS and HTML.

  3. designing-for-print-with-HTML-and-CSS.html

Nomadic Pursuits

Many disciplines come together with a common, practical goal: explore and experience nature in nearly any terrestrial location. Solar power, refrigeration and microcontroller integration are only slightly out of their comfort zone almost anywhere on Earth.


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